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“Save Their Lives”

The Swifts are unique and extraordinary small birds that live in Africa.

They live in the air and fly all the time without landing.

They land only for nesting: to lay their eggs, incubate and raise their chicks.

They arrive in Tel Aviv-Yafo each Spring and look for their old nests on the roofs of old buildings.

Unfortunately, many old buildings are being destroyed and new modern facilities, take their place so the Swifts lose their homes and they do not find a new nest to raise their chicks.

For this reason, they try to nest in very small and very limited places like cracks in the walls. Because the new home is very small there will be no room for all the chicks when they grow up and they will fall out down to the streets of Tel Aviv.

So if you find a Swift on the ground, please do not try to throw it into the air to fly and of course, do not leave it on the ground.

Do not try to feed it or give it water to drink.

Gently pick it up and put it inside a box with a cover and call us:
We will do our best to help and guide you on how to save it,
until it will be able to fly by itself and join its wingy friends in the sky.

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